Fire Danger

March 17, 2017

Contact Information:
Tom Collins, Fire Chief
Fire Department


(Kirksville, MO) – During this time of high fire danger the Kirksville Fire Department would like to warn residents to be extremely careful. Low humidity and drought conditions make grasses and other natural cover burn much easier. We have had a recent increase in the number of fires of all types. Natural cover fires have also put houses in danger.

Some of the problems that we have seen are related to:

· Field clearing controlled burns becoming out of control.

· Burning trash and the fire gets outside the barrel.

· Carelessly discarded cigarettes setting fires along roads, in landscaping mulch, etc.

· Children playing with fire and it getting out of control.

In order to reduce the chances of out of control fires we would ask that you:

· Follow the guidelines from the Missouri Department of Conservation for controlled burns.

· Establish a safe zone around trash barrels, keep watch on the fire, and have a hose nearby ready to put out any small fire. Do not burn trash in the City of Kirksville!

· Put out cigarettes before discarding.

· Educate your children about the dangers of playing with fire.

Report anyone you see playing with fire, or any suspicious activity, in your neighborhood. Remember, even a small fire can spread to your home. If you would like further information or have knowledge of suspicious activity, call one of these numbers: 911, the Kirksville Fire Department at 660.665.3734, the Kirksville Police Department at 660.785.6945, or the Anonymous TIP line at 660.627.BUST.


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