October 30, 2017

For More Information Contact:
Jim Hughes
Police Chief

The Kirksville Police Department would like to remind everyone of some very important safety tips for those ghosts and goblins that will be trick or treating this Halloween in the Kirksville community.

• Make sure children are accompanied by an adult or a responsible guardian when they go door-to-door.

• Instruct children never to eat anything until they are home and the treats have been examined by an adult. Throw away anything that is unwrapped.

• Check the wrappers of commercial treats for any signs of tampering.

• Make sure children’s costumes fit and that they can see well. Instead of masks that restrict vision, makeup should be used.

• Have children stay in their own neighborhood and on well-lit streets.

• Make sure children carry a flashlight.

• Teach your children to use the sidewalk. If there are no sidewalks, walk on the left side of the street facing cars.

• Know what friends your child will be with and the routes they are walking.

• Leave a porch light on so children will know that it is OK to visit your home.

The Kirksville Police Department urges citizens to be safety conscious all the time, but particularly at Halloween when more children are out on our local streets. Please take every measure to help secure the well-being of the children in our community and have a safe and Happy Halloween!

If you have further questions or you notice or experience anything suspicious this Halloween season, please contact the police department at 785-6945 or 660-5621(after 5 PM).



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