November 17, 2017

Det Steve Feeney

Ameren Missouri makes announcement about ways to prevent scams

(Kirksville, MO) Ameren Missouri advises of scams and ways to detect them. On Nov. 15, Ameren is joining a collaborative effort with more than 100 electric, natural gas and water utilities across the country to support a campaign with content focused on exposing the tricks scammers use to steal money from customers, and how customers can protect themselves. Called Utilities United Against Scams, this collaborative encourages your help in reaching out to your communities to make them aware of this activity.

While there are many tactics thieves will use, one common scheme targets utility customers and threatens service disconnection if the scammers are not paid immediately using a pre-paid credit card. Here's how it works:

A customer receives an unsolicited phone call from an individual who falsely claims to be an Ameren representative. The scammer warns that Ameren will disconnect the customer’s electric service if the customer fails to make a payment – usually within a short timeframe.

Scammers have even duplicated the Ameren upfront Interactive Voice Response system, so when customers call back phone numbers provided by the scammer, it sounds like a legitimate Ameren phone number. Some of these criminals also use caller ID spoofing to replicate Ameren’s customer service number. These fraudulent attempts are occurring throughout the Ameren Missouri territory.

We generally see 12 – 25 scam attempts each week. And, unfortunately, some are successful. We are working with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to identify, and prosecute, scammers.
Ameren wants residents to know that we don't demand immediate payments. Disconnect notices are sent through the mail if customers are at risk of service disconnection; customers may also receive a call several days in advance to make payment arrangements. We never demand payment within the hour. People who receive this type of call should hang up, call your local police department and Ameren Missouri at 1-800-552-7583.

Anyone with any information regarding suspicious activity is encouraged to contact the Kirksville Police Department at 660-785-6945, (Dispatch) 660-665-5621, Adair County Sheriff’s Office at 660-665-4600 or anonymously at 660-627-BUST (2878) or email

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